about restyled living

re:fab was born from the notion that owning a property shouldn’t mean giving up your weekends to mow the lawn, paint the fence or walk around with a flashlight at 2am trying to figure out which smoke detector won’t stop beeping.

Whether you’re moving from the city into your first suburban home, looking to downsize from an empty nest or moving across the country to take that huge promotion (congrats!), we bet you can use a hand with managing, well, the house stuff. And the yard stuff. Also the “I have no idea when the last time the chimney was cleaned…” stuff.

Experience living in your own home – with your own space to grow your family, host your grandkids and meet new neighbors – while re:fab takes care of the rest.



A group of residential renovation and management professionals.

With a deep background in residential renovation, property maintenance and real estate, our team knows everything about how to find and keep any property in perfect shape through every season, for every kind of homeowner.

We are so proud to offer re:fab as a solution to the challenges like new home ownership, aging in place at home, and corporate relocations. Contact us to learn more about our team and our take on restyled living.



re:styled living, without missing a beat

At re:fab, we’re answering a simple question: why can’t you have concierge offerings, condo amenities and stylish living in your own home and in your own neighborhood?

Re:fab is challenging the idea that homeownership is weekends and late-nights of yard work, cleaning, snow shoveling, gutter cleaning and appliance-repair-person chasing. You can have your own home, yard and neighborhood AND a service to manage all the things you don’t want to or can’t.

It’s a bit of a revolution. We’d love to show you more!



anyone who wants to enjoy home and skip the headaches

re:fab works for anyone who wants the space, privacy and security of a single-family home in a great neighborhood, but who doesn’t want the commitment to maintenance or home improvement projects.

We help find homes and provide services to couples that are ready to start a family and need more room, a yard and a safe neighborhood for their kids.

We help older people who think they need to downsize to a condo or retirement community – but don’t want to give up the guest bedroom for friends or yard for active grandkids.

We partner with corporate HR professionals to relocate employees to excellent, commute-ready neighborhoods their families will love.

Contact us to learn more about our ability to find you a new home to buy or rent that includes maintenance and concierge services. Or maybe you’re just looking for a little seasonal help from a trusted and efficient resource? Let’s chat and see how we can help!